The Benefits of Fresh Kampung Chicken from KP Asli Sdn Bhd

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When it comes to high-quality poultry, fresh Kampung chicken from KP Asli Sdn Bhd is a top choice. As a leading supplier specializing in broiling native chicken, KP Asli Sdn Bhd offers premium Kampung chicken that is responsibly reared and packed with flavor. In this article, we will explore the benefits of choosing fresh Kampung chicken from KP Asli Sdn Bhd.

1. Responsibly Reared Native Chickens

1.1 Expertise in Native Chicken Breeding

KP Asli Sdn Bhd is backed by over 40 years of experience in the agricultural poultry farming industry. Their related company, Sin Long Heng Breeding Farm Sdn Bhd, is a pioneer in breeding native chickens in Malaysia. With their expertise, KP Asli Sdn Bhd ensures that their Kampung chickens are of the highest quality and meet strict standards.

1.2 Sustainable Farming Practices

KP Asli Sdn Bhd self-manages 12 large-scale native chicken broiler farms in Penang and Perak. These farms undergo regular review and inspection to ensure responsible and sustainable farming practices. By choosing fresh Kampung chicken from KP Asli, you can support environmentally friendly and ethical farming methods.

2. Superior Nutrition and Flavor

2.1 Customized Chicken Feed

KP Asli Sdn Bhd places great emphasis on poultry nutrition. Their chicken feed is customised based on the age, development stage, and physical condition of the chickens. This ensures that the Kampung chickens receive a balanced and nutritious diet, resulting in superior taste and texture.

2.2 Antibiotic and Chemical-Free

KP Asli Sdn Bhd is committed to providing safe and healthy poultry products. Their Kampung chicken meat is certified to be free from antibiotic residue and harmful chemicals. By choosing fresh Kampung chicken from KP Asli, you can enjoy the delicious flavors without any worries.


Choosing fresh Kampung chicken from KP Asli Sdn Bhd comes with numerous benefits. Their responsibly reared native chickens, expertise in breeding, sustainable farming practices, superior nutrition, and antibiotic-free meat ensure that you receive the highest quality poultry. Embrace the goodness of fresh Kampung chicken from KP Asli Sdn Bhd and elevate your culinary experience with flavorful, safe, and healthy poultry.